5 Ways on How You Can Maintain Excellent Mental Health?

5 Ways on How You Can Maintain Excellent Mental Health?

In this fast paced 21st century, we are so much invested in the external world that we often lose touch of our mental health. Also, the stress that a lot of us feel is often the result of our inability to manage our thoughts and emotions. We get identified with so many thoughts running in our head that we lose the clarity we need in life to sail through all the challenges. Just like our physical health, our mental health is also a significant part of our overall well being.

In this article, you will see five simple steps that will help you to take charge of your mental health. Once you become the master of your mind, you will notice how easy it becomes to be happy without any external stimulation.

So let us get started,

  • Get Good Sleep Every Night

When it comes to mental health, getting good sleep every night is absolutely essential. A poor sleep can cause problems like lack of focus, tiredness, irritation, lowered immunity etc. The problem associated with tiredness and low immunity is that it can invite several infections and diseases which can then aggravate the whole problem. 

For getting good sleep at night, one needs to keep gadgets like smartphones and laptops away from them 2 hours before going to bed. The main reason for this being the “blue light” these gadgets emit, which hamper sleep terribly. Also, hit the bed at the same time every night so that you can sleep faster as your body works as per its internal clock. 

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  • Adopt Healthy Diet

The foods that we eat have a significant role in our mental health. Several studies have shown how fast food consumption is linked to several anxiety problems and can also cause our blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Also, when you have extremely low blood sugar levels, it can trigger health issues like panic attacks, insomnia etc.

On the other hand, when you are on a healthy diet which includes vegetables and fruits, you will feel your mood naturally getting elevated. Veggie based foods also go a long way in keeping your immunity in robust health so that you don’t experience infections and diseases. 

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  • Keep a Journal

Haven’t you noticed how anxious you become when you are dealing with a lot of things at a time? Despite the fact that humans can do multiple tasks at a time, our best only comes when we are solving problems individually. This is where the importance of journaling comes. The biggest benefit of keeping a journal is that you can write down your goals and the timeline for which it has to be achieved.

Also, nothing enhances self-confidence like the moment when you have really achieved something in your life. What journaling does is it helps you channelise your energy into the things you want most in life. 

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  • Eliminate Stress

Stress is often the reason why people experience so many issues regarding their mental health. It is a major reason for anxiety and depression in millions of people around the world. The biggest downside of stress is not that it affects your overall health but it also damages your relationship with your friends, family etc. So if you are looking to fix problems in your life, you should consider addressing stress first. 

In order to reduce stress, one may try the technique called meditation where you have to be just a witness of your thoughts. This tremendously helps you to be in control of your emotions, and you will also see yourself more calmer than ever before.  

  • Quit Smoking and Drinking

We are living in a time and age where it is so easy to get addicted to intoxicants as they are also considered a “norm” in today’s society. Addictions like smoking and drinking are so common that people are not really realising what these two can gradually do to your health. When you talk about alcohol, it can affect the human body adversely regardless of the frequency of consumption. Smoking on the other hand consists of tobacco as its main constituent which is not only addictive but terribly harmful to our body as well. 

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For those who are struggling with alcoholism, it would be great to reduce their drinking quota rather than going cold turkey. This is because the latter can cause withdrawal symptoms that will lead to more relapses. The same is applicable to smokers too, as they can seek healthier alternatives to quit smoking.

Wrapping It Up

So these are the top 5 ways on how you can maintain excellent mental health regardless of the obstacles you will face in your life. Remember, all the happiness in the world comes from within and you don’t have to depend on an external agency to feel good in life. Once you are the master of your mental health, there is nothing there in life which can stop you from achieving great things.

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